The Historical Society
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The El Cerrito Historical Society is a non-political, non-profit organization and has only one agenda: to locate and preserve local history - of course focused on the history of El Cerrito.

The Historical Society is always looking for old photographs and memorabilia that can be copied and added to the Society’s collection of historic materials. Of course, outright donations of photographs and other El Cerrito memorabilia are always greatly appreciated. Memberships in and donations to the Historical Society are encouraged.

The Historical Society meets monthly and publishes its newsletter, The Forge, several times a year. The Historical Society also has an ongoing effort to collect oral history from as many old-timers as possible. Please contact the Historical Society if you or someone you know can contribute oral history, photographs, or memorabilia to the Society’s collection.

El Cerrito Historical Society Bylaws

With your help, we can preserve the history of El Cerrito.